Monday, January 9, 2012

Some Mega Man Love

 I'm a huge fan of Capcom's Mega Man. I think I've actually said that before, but in case I didn't, I am. When I was just a lad coming of age in the late 80s/ early 90s, the Mega Man games were the bread and butter of my daily activity. We only owned Mega Man 2 and 3, but I long enjoyed renting the other games from now extinct rental chains. Many a magical weekend do I remember spending with the likes of Mega Man X and Mega Man 7.

Fast forward a bit to my early teens, when I rented on a whim Mega Man Legends. I hadn't played a Mega Man game in some time, and didn't know quite what to make of it, but after a few hours of jumping on cars and circle strafing reaverbots, I grew quite enamored with it. My hours of joyful play of this new, strange, 3D Mega Man led me back in time to recall my fondness of the original games, and so halfway into my first year of 6th grade, found myself obsessed with Mega Man, in all his various incarnations. I played the classics via emulator, made custom sprites of my own terrible robot masters, played (and attempted to construct my own) fan games, frequented all manner of Mega Man fan site (ENGINE OF DESTRUCTION FOREVER!), and just generally had a blast getting absorbed in the world of Capcom's little blue guy.

After something of a wonderful resurgence, it seems that Capcom is putting the lid on the franchise for a bit, and although this is a little sad, it's not all that different than the state of the franchise when I first jumped back in all those many years ago. To that end, I've been fiddling about for the last two years doing all sorts of silly bits of fan art, one of which was the foolish endeavor to draw a badass trading card style picture of every robot master the franchise has ever seen.

Unfortunately, I haven't made a ton of progress, but since I've little else to post, I thought it might be fun to at the very least show off the original six Light numbers from the very first Mega Man game. So, in order of creation, here they are!

WELL, there they are! Overall, I'm quite happy with the Light numbers, and am just about half way done the first set of Wily numbers from Mega Man 2. Not bad for two years of work, right? RIGHT!?

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