Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Heckbringers Action Continues With Intense Vomit Action!

Another page in a timely manner! It's kinda funny that when I was doing Basurake, I didn't think doing a weekly color comic was really feasible, but now that I'm working a full time job, I'm somehow finding the time. Funny how things work out! Speaking of, I keep saying I'm gonna post Basurake. That will happen someday, just need to figure out whether I want to do it page by page, or in bunches, or what.

Anyway, this alley scene is just about over! And the two principle characters are about to actually interact! Who would have thought this would have taken months to do! Hilarious. Neither character has a name yet, of course, but hopefully in the near future that will change as well. Not next week, because I already scripted that page. That's right! I started actually scripting these! Hooray.

I think I need to get the dvds of Home Movies. Its crazy how much you miss something once its off Netflix. God what a good show.

Last topic! Anybody notice that there's barely any anime for kids anymore? What the hell? Kaito Joker or whatever should get a Saturday morning localization. 4KIDS! WHERE ARE YOU!?

Okay, that's enough. Dinoswords stuff soon, probably. What? Shh.

Sunday, April 26, 2015


The End! Just kidding, there's gonna be more, but that's the end of this first scene.I'm sure things won't get MUCH weirder from here on. Also a joke, things are gonna get super weird for a little while.

Been keeping pretty busy lately, and have been pretty happy with what I've been getting done. I posted my first sketch on to tumblr, and more are gonna be popping up over the next few days, so keep an eye out there.

Watched like 2 hours of Digimon Fusion on Netflix today, partially to get myself into a solid Saturday morning cartoon mindset while working on Heckbringers, and partially just out of nostalgia for a time when random anime just showed up on tv all the time. Anybody remember Mon Colle Knights? What the hell was that all about? Anyway, man, some of the designs in Fusion are absolutely insane. There's this weird, old timey toy robot looking guy, I think his name was Stereomon? He's ridiculous looking, and anytime any other digimon fuses with him, his innate boxiness influences the look of the resulting fusion way more than it probably should, so anybody he fuses into looks ridiculous as well. Its surprisingly charming.

Started playing Pokemon Rumble World, and I have to say it is quite fun. Pokemon Rumble was never particularly deep, but the experience is a pleasant one, and its FREE, which is cool. Pokemon Shuffle is also surprisingly fun, like a less bullshitty version of Puzzles and Dragons. I've been a sucker for all of the free 3ds games so far, and now I'm starting to miss Rusty's Real Deal Baseball and Steel Diver Sub Wars. God I love my 3ds.

Okay, I think that's enough of an insight into how I wasted a lot of time THIS week. In terms of being productive, I finally sat down to work on Nova Phase issue 5, which is gonna be slow going, but I'm glad I finally got the ball rolling. First 6 or 7 pages are drafted, so I'll probably start trying to get some work done on the final art. I'll post previews of stuff as it happens.

Also, I'm penciling a comic for my brother, and while I can't say much about it right now, I think it's gonna kick ass. I'll probably post some concept art and such later, though I don't know where the comic itself will go. I'll share more details once I have them.

That's it for now. New Heckbringers on Tuesday!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Splatoon Will Probably Be Better Without Voicechat

So I've been pretty excited about Nintendo's bizarre third person shooter, Splatoon, since it was unveiled at e3 last year. It's a novel take on the third person shooter format, in that it focuses on territory control over just simple combat, in addition to a slick art style and all ages appeal.

It's also been plagued by complaints at almost every step of its development. Initially people were upset at the lack of basic deathmatch, despite the fact that deathmatch gameplay would both undermine the key innovation at the heart of the game, and be redundant, since you can get that experience in almost every other third person shooter on the market. Dumb.

The newest controversy has surrounded Nintendo's decision not to include online voice chat in the game, with some people going as far as to have their entire purchase decision based purely on the lack or presence of this single feature. People seem to think that Nintendo is refusing to get on board with a feature that has become standard, and therefore a necessity, because they are old fashioned and out of touch.

First of all, these same kinds of complaints have been happening forever for Nintendo. Whether it was their decision not to switch to CD with the n64, or their decision not to focus on online connectivity with the Gamecube, Nintendo has long had to battle against the perception that they are the old heads of the industry. Mind you, neither of the above decisions were objectively bad; both consoles still had tons of excellent games, many of which provided experiences that were totally unavailable on other consoles. But subjectively, people's expectations were betrayed. Subjectivity is the issue here.

I think we live in an age where the individual opinion is perceived as being more important than ever before, but it seems that this has caused people to lose perspective altogether. The line between subjective judgment and objective truth has been blurred to the point where I don't think most people even try to discern the difference. I understand that true objectivity is nearly impossible, but I think you can get pretty damn close if you keep an open mind and look at things from a distance.

Subjectively, any set of arbitrary expectations can be used as a standard for judgment, but that's irrational and self centered. We've come to view games purely in the context of how they conform to our own, largely arbitrary, preferences, as opposed to independent pieces of art, to be experienced and learned from. Nobody cares what creators have to say, unless they are spilling details on DLC.

At the end of the day, we're faced with a pretty simple choice. Do we want to be pleased and entertained, or do we want to explore and experience? If all we want is the gratification of our expectations, then all we'll get is banal redundancy. Splatoon might not have the exact feature set of any other third person shooter, but that's because it isn't supposed to be any other third person shooter. It's a different approach, and in a world full of copycats and me-toos, we ought to relish those differences.

Soap box speech over.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Heckbringers and Tumblr Plans

A late posting tonight, which is a shame considering this page was done yesterday. Planned to come straight home and post this, but ended up having to make a last minute dinner, so I got a little side tracked. Still, this makes seven weeks of pages! Sort of exciting to have stuck with it, even if in seven weeks (more like 9 since there was one week where I posted Janken and one week where I posted Weeping Pines instead) not too much has happened. This introductory scene felt much shorter in my head, to be honest, but it'll soon be wrapped up, and we'll be moving right along to some scenes that, believe it or not, take place outside of an alley. It only just dawned on me that 9 weeks in, only one character has a name, and it's the bad guy. Weird. Oh well!

In other news! I've decided to finally start  utilizing the long dormant Doki Doki Arcade tumblr account. I had initially planned to just post whatever I did here, but now I think I'll be using it as more of a sketch dump, just posting the less finished doodles that I do time to time, that either turn into pages of something, or go forgotten forever. I'm gonna try to put stuff up there occasionally, if no other reason than to chronicle some otherwise lost pieces of doodly goodness, and because I always do my best design work in the margins of notebooks.

I have been watching an insane amount of Home Movies lately. I'm not sure what it is about that show, but I can't ever see any given episode enough times. I think the absolutely aimless and somewhat compulsive creative endeavors of the kids resonate with me in a powerful way, and between that shows assertion that they make their movies for no one and that no one should watch their movies, Greg Universe's 180 turn from dreams of rock stardom to pursue Rose-Quartz, and many conversations with my brother, I'm increasingly coming to balk at the idea of audience altogether. In this age of internet horror, I'm not even sure I want anybody looking at my work, but creating and sharing is fun and cathartic, and the minute it isn't I'm just gonna stop.

If you haven't already, you can find the DokiDokiArcade tumblr at jmatchead.tumblr.com. There isn't too much up there yet, but whatever.

I think either this week or next I'm gonna start posting pages of my last major web comic, Basurake, partly because I think I was way better at writing weekly content then, partly because I think it would be cool to post more often here, and partly because I just miss it.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Nightmare Begins in a new Weeping Pines!

Sort of a brief read today, but boy am I happy with the way that last panel turned out. I'd like to have done a more detailed job with the trees in the background, but I suppose they are suitably abstract.

I think the first scene is moving along nicely. It can be frustrating working on even one comic that is still in the infancy of its introduction, and I'm just about going nuts having two going at once, but I want to make sure I give both the chance to grow up organically, and not rush into anything. I hope that's working out!

I'm having a lot of trouble producing the other types of features lately, and I'm not totally sure why. I have a piece written about both Blue Stinger and the 1990 TMNT film (two different pieces, btw), but haven't pulled the trigger on either. Maybe it's good that I'm focusing more on comics.

Finally, Steven Universe. Man, its so damn good. It just keeps getting better. I love it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Genius Dialogue in New Page of Heckbringers!

Hey, that's what you get when you don't ever write a script, right? My process on this comic is completely backwards and probably a terrible idea, but whatever. Working out so far!

Confession time. When I started doing Heckbringers as a feature here, I literally thought about it zero seconds. I had the characters and setting and what not from an older project, and figured it would be an easy way to get a color feature going on here. Then, of course, I started actually doing the comic, and after a few weeks I came to a startling discovery.

I had absolutely no idea where I was going with it.

This was tough, because it threw some real bumps into the whole weekly feature thing. I was lucky to have Weeping Pines in the wings anyway, and I'm glad it encouraged me to get it out there, but I seriously feared I would have to give up on Heckbringers before I even made it to the first fight scene (probably not a good way to measure the progress of a comic, but whatever).

Maybe there is something stimulating about the rushing of water, or maybe isolation really does lead to self discovery, but I think I tend to do some of my best thinking in the shower, and sure enough, without any explanation or warning, I suddenly had a rush of ideas. They came slowly at first, but one thing very naturally led to another, and before I knew it, I had the entire story outlined. Not just the first chapter either, but like, the entire arc of the whole series. So there I was, with a sweeping post apocalyptic epic fully formed in my brain, butt-naked and dripping wet. Hot.

Not really sure why, but I thought it'd be fun to get that insight into my creative process. Sorry! Weeping Pines on Friday!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Going Deeper into Weeping Pines

Weeping Pines continues on! I don't know if Fridays will be be Weeping Pines day or anything, but here is the second strip. Ominous shadows!

It's probably pretty lame to go out and say this, but I actually have a pretty big plan for this comic. I hope I get to explore it more.

No time for significantly more talking! Maybe later!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Got it together this week! For whatever reason, this page took me a long time to conceptualize, but I'm happy with the results. Other than this taking kind of forever to move along, I think it's turning out pretty well so far. I'm having some trouble keeping Gubba remotely on model, but I do seem to enjoy his look more and more each time I draw him, so I guess that's a good thing. Next time, maybe we'll actually get to see that axe do something! Maybe.

Of course, I still have another strip of Weeping Pines to post some time this week, which I hope I will be able to keep up with. It's a story I've had on the back burner for a while now, a little over a year, but I habe no idea whether it will be any good. I hope it will.

In other news! I have finally sat down to play one of the many Dreamcast games I bought online over the summer, so look forward to hearing about my experience with Blue Stinger in the near future! I also may soon have something to show off of a new game project, which is a collaboration with a buddy of minem with whom I also do a podcast, which I will soon link to. Busy!