Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Nightmare Begins in a new Weeping Pines!

Sort of a brief read today, but boy am I happy with the way that last panel turned out. I'd like to have done a more detailed job with the trees in the background, but I suppose they are suitably abstract.

I think the first scene is moving along nicely. It can be frustrating working on even one comic that is still in the infancy of its introduction, and I'm just about going nuts having two going at once, but I want to make sure I give both the chance to grow up organically, and not rush into anything. I hope that's working out!

I'm having a lot of trouble producing the other types of features lately, and I'm not totally sure why. I have a piece written about both Blue Stinger and the 1990 TMNT film (two different pieces, btw), but haven't pulled the trigger on either. Maybe it's good that I'm focusing more on comics.

Finally, Steven Universe. Man, its so damn good. It just keeps getting better. I love it.

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