Thursday, November 15, 2012

Some TV Tribute Pixel Art!

Just a few recent pieces of pixel art. I guess I've been watching alot of TV lately, since a good deal of my work is done at home in front of a computer, and have been occasionally doing some unorthodox fanart of my recent favorite shows.

First of all, I've been watching a ton of Supernatural. I used to watch this show when it first aired, but lost track of it fairly early on. Recently a friend showed me a few highlights from later seasons, and I was pretty surprised. It's a surprisingly funny show, not entirely unlike Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the characters manage to be totally likable and complete assholes at the same time. Good stuff. I'm particularly pleased wth the logo text, and of course their signature car, the Impala, down in the corner there. Turned out very well.

 Next up, Adventure Time! Again, watched this show when it first aired lost track of it, and was surprised to find out how far along its story has gotten! After watching some recent episodes I've been really impressed, but generally the show has had very good writing all along. Jake and the Ice King are my two favorite characters, but Finn is not without his charms.

Finally, a fairly large sprite of Adult Swim's Black Dynamite. I wasn't sure if this show was for me at first, but after watching a few episodes I really have alot of respect for this show. Not only is it funny as hell, but it manages to capture the spirit and feeling of an anime without just aping the aesthetic. I also really respect the high mark they shoot for with their animation, even if they don't always quite hit it.

Anyway that's all for now.

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