Friday, March 25, 2011

Courage and Power: A Hyrulian Diamante

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Link and Ganon are probably the second most recognizable pair hero and villain in the history of video games, right behind Mario and Bowser. Unlike the pair from the Mushroom Kingdom, the nightmare of Hyrule and its staunch defender are inexorably linked in a particularly clever way.

Link is the chosen hero of Hyrule's founding Goddesses, and as such he is blessed with their power. The Triforce of Courage, one of three sacred powers that maintains the balance of Hyrule, resides in the quiet hero in virtually all of his incarnations; it isn't just luck that Link is the big hero, he was chosen to stand against the might of darkness.

It is ironic, then, that Ganon as well, in some divine prank beyond explanation, was blessed by the same Goddesses; the cutthroat king wields the Triforce of Power, a gift from the heavens. Apparently the Goddesses of Hyrule are fairly impartial when it comes to picking sides.

There's something pretty fascinating about all this. Link was chosen to defend Hyrule, and Ganon was seemingly chosen to besiege it. Their fates appear to be preordained, and are repeated endlessly throughout history. So here we've got this whole predestination, balance of good and evil thing going on here, which is alot of fun.

Of course, what's so cool about Legend of Zelda is that there isn't just good and evil, courage and power, dark and light. Between these two warring extremes there's a mediator, and middle ground. The Triforce of Wisdom, not pictured above, is where its at. Passive and often in the periphery, Wisdom is essential in the balance between Courage and Power.

And THAT is why its not called The Legend of Link.

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