Wednesday, March 28, 2012

eShop Fun + Crossover Epicness

I've had Swapnote for quite some time now, but I honestly never got a chance to use it. None of my friends were early adopters of Nintendo's new handheld, and I didn't think to pursue the friend codes of strangers via the internet. Thanks to a miraculous price drop at Target, though, two of my close friends finally knuckled down and got in on the fun!
We had every intention of hitting multiplayer games hard, and so Kid Icarus Uprising, Mario Kart 7, and even Star Fox 3D were purchased in the necessary amounts. Despite having access to these heavy hitters, it was the free messaging application, Swapnote, that captivated our interest most. I'm not sure why, but this little gem has been an endless source of fun, and a veritable factory for personal memes. It's amazing, and I'm GENUINELY upset I didn't get to experience it until now.
Here's a typical Swapnote between myself and my brother:
A hideously deformed Kirby greets me in page one, perhaps saying something like "I'M NOT KIRBY."
The hideously deformed Kirby's face will contort into a frightening expression of agony in page two.
By page three, blood begins pouring for ugly Kirby's eyes and mouth, eventually filling the screen.
Page four is probably blank, save for the words DIE written in 3D.

I'm not sure why the blood thing is so funny, but in this context, it really, really works.

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