Monday, March 26, 2012

Quick Update, Explanations and Excuses

First things first, I finally downloaded Dillon's Rolling Western, and it kicks ass. I want to get into more details about that, but first some excuses.

So obviously I haven't posted a new robot master comic in quite some time. I totally still intend on doing more, but unfortunately a rather important project turned up, and all of my time has been going towards completing it. Anything I've posted lately has been whatever I could get done in my spare time. In the near future, I would, however, love to restart the robot master comics.

THAT SAID, I'd like to get back to Dillon, who as I mentioned above, kicks ass. Alot of people are calling this a tower defense game, and in alot of ways it is. Granted, I'm quite early in the game, but at present I feel a more accurate description of the gameplay is likening it to one of those little wind up cars you had to pull back before it would go. Remember those? Okay, so take one of them, and then add in combo based battles, open world exploration, resource management, RPG  style equipment, and light tower defense, all wrapped in a wacky, wild westy cartoon. THAT'S Dillon's Rolling Western.

Did I mention it kicks ass?

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