Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some Kid Icarus Fun

I've been playing alot of Kid Icarus: Uprising, and felt compelled (as usual) to get to work on a quick demake. In this one, I went a bit further than usual and tried to emulate the sprite scaling Mode 7 effect the SNES was famous for introducing to the console scene, in order to replicate the Space Harrier type stages from Uprising. The extreme perspective and chunky scaling on the background elements and enemies were meant to create the effect, although I'm not totally sure I succeeded.
There were a few specific inspirations for this set up, most notably the gorgeous SNES shooter Axelay, and HAL. Labs' early SNES game Hyper Zone. Neither game is remembered very well, but they most accurately reflected the look I was shooting for. Hyper Zone in particular seemed appropriate, since Masahiro Sakurai, the big man at Sora Ltd. behind Uprising, was once a member of HAL.  I suppose the real idea here is "what if Sakurai had gotten to make a Kid Icarus game back on the SNES?"
Ultimately, I'm not sure I really hit all the notes I wanted to, but I'm overall pleased with the result.

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