Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Don't Worry, I Fixed Gunvolt's NA Design!

Sarcasm. Even though the changes to Gunvolt's design are minor, I think it's kind of telling that someone, somewhere, though that North Americans would be uncomfortable with the exposed navel and braid. Like, he looks a little fey, that's no good in America. Just the first step in the BS backslide to the era of horrible hack job localisations. I really thought we were beyond this kind of thing.

Anyway, so I just decided to push things all the way back and make a bad boxart Gunvolt. Done quickly, but it's supposed to be ugly, after all. I hate just looking at it... but at least it made me think about doing more painting in the near future. Anyone interested in hand painted posters of Bird Force!? No? Okay. I might do them anyway.

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