Monday, February 1, 2016

Moral Dilemmas Abound as Star Buster Atom Lurches Onward!

Another relatively short update this week. Didn't use my time very responsibly last week, and ended up having to do this more or less last minute. Still, I'm glad I took the time to really think about what I wanted to happen in this week's pages. There's very little planning at work here, other than a vague overview of the events, and I think that's actually been a good thing, as it allows me to change and adapt the events, tweak the tone and pacing etc. as I see fit. I always liked the image of David Lynch just deciding major things on the set of Twin Peaks while filming, and so I try to keep myself open as I work. I think this works out well for me.

I did a punch of warm up type sketches of various DC heroes last week, some of which turned out quite good. I wanna do maybe one or two more, and then I'll probably post them here just to add a little color!

That's it! Seeya.

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