Tuesday, March 10, 2015

HECKBRINGERS AGAIN! Three Weeks in a Row!

So on the plus side, I have actually managed to keep up a solid weekly schedule for three consecutive weeks. If you are someone that has followed my work in the past, I think you will agree that is something of a shock. On the other hand, I haven't posted much else in between, and the whole point was to be delivering more smaller chunks of content. I guess technically I'm still doing that, and one post a week is still better than one every few months, but I want to do better.

That said, I have a fair amount of material in the pipeline, so to speak, including another new comic in an entirely different format, designed to be a serialized micro-comic, of sorts, and of course the next chapter of JANKEN!, which I have slacked off on a little bit. I will do better.

As far as HECKBRINGERS goes, I am pleased with the product so far. I'm experimenting with a different process, which I think will be my go to procedure for works done in color, which I think everyone tends to enjoy a bit more. The story is moving a long nicely, and it's refreshing to work in a weekly format again.

Speaking of, I have plans to leverage my somewhat sizable  body of previous work, most of which is no longer available anywhere, to help fill in content around here when I am busy. Be excited!

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