Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Okay. So I got real real sick this weekend. Had this page inked LAST Sunday, but that didn't stop me from ALMOST being late with this one. It is late. But it's technically still Tuesday, and here it is. Four weeks in a row! That's practically a big deal. I think at this point, I might even start actually scripting these! Wouldn't that be fun!

It's a lot of fun to draw Gubba. He's like, part frog, part dragon, part Bowser, and he really is a satisfying figure. I hope this color scheme isn't getting too old just yet. I'm trying to slowly add some little nuances here and there, and at some point maybe the entire city won't be red. But probably not.

JA-JA-JA-JANKEN!! is for real almost done. I think I have two pages left. After that, I think Nova Phase will be the main focus for me, although I'll definitely keep doing a weekly Heckbringers. Hopefully I'll post something else this week, maybe an article about something. We shall see!

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